When we service your home it will be part of a residential route that has been geographically limited to a manageable area to better serve you.

We service Queen Creek, San Tan Valley and the East Valley.

  • Your home will be serviced each time by the same pest control applicator who is Arizona-certified and has many years of experience.
  • See our $50 discount for new customers!
  • We guarantee the inside and outside of your home from most types of crawling insects with a 2 months free callbacks guarantee.
  • No contract is required.

How it works

The usual treatment consists of spraying an odorless, water-soluble pesticide along the outside perimeter of your home, the inside perimeter of the backyard fence and other spots as appropriate. As needed we will treat the inside of your home. We will also use other products to treat particular problems should they exist.  For example, a granular bait may be used to take care of the occasional ant hill; insecticidal dusts can be applied to certain voids to treat for cockroaches, etc. You do not need to move or pick-up anything. We are trained to not spray toys, pet bowls, etc., and to move what is necessary.

Please wait five days before evaluating the results of this service. Professional chemicals are ‘residuals’ that stay effective for many weeks, unlike the usual bug spray in a can that only kills the insect on contact. The chemicals we use are designed to be just strong enough to exterminate an insect over a 3 to 5 day period as it repeatedly contacts the insecticide. This safely eliminates insects and prevents breeding and subsequent infestations. We guarantee our service to be effective for at least 2 months.



The class of chemical that will be used in the regular spraying is called Pyrethroid. You’ll see the chemicals we use each time listed and checked off on your invoice which is also your record of our service. Most experts beleive this is one of the safest classes of pesticides available; for example it has been used in special shampoos used to treat head lice. It is modeled after the Pyrethrums found in the African Daisy Plant. Along with the technician’s thoroughness and knowledge, a big part of the credit for our customer’s satisfaction is due to the effectiveness of this class of chemical.


Good, prompt service is our priority

We also provide other special services such as pest control for bees, bed bugs, scorpions, German cockroaches, gophers, other rodents, ticks, fleas, and more. Please call us for prices and more information on these special services.