Giant Mosquitoes?

I’ve been getting calls lately about mosquitoes that are the biggest they’ve ever seen . . .

Several people have called and asked me about what to do for mosquitoes.  I listen and reply that although we can provide a specialized service for these flying insects, that most likely, the source of their problem is a sitting body of stagnating water, possibly nearby. At some point they tell me that these mosquitoes are the biggest they’ve ever seen and I remind myself that it’s spring time in Arizona.

What they’re seeing isn’t mosquitoes at all but actually CRANE flies. They’re a harmless nuisance and seasonal. They start appearing around the end of March and are gone within a couple of months. They don’t fly well and commonly you’ll find them bouncing around the front and back patio ceilings, waiting for the cooler evenings to fly around.

The adults usually don’t eat. If they do it’s flower nectar and depends on the species. As I said they don’t fly very well; so if you have a lot of these and want to get rid of them for some event, like visitors or a party, you could use a vacuum cleaner with an extension. A fly swatter will work too.

Don’t be surprised if the next day there’s a bunch more flying around. Before they turn into flying adults, the larvae grow in moist environments, feeding off of decomposing vegetation like leave litter, etc. You could try picking up vegetation around your property and around the common areas of your neighborhood but it seems to me even the best maintained neighborhoods have them. Most likely the egg laying females must have a ‘nose’ for moist decomposing vegetation; just enough of which must survive our very hot, dry summers.

So even though these “Giant Mosquitoes” look like they might be dangerous, they don’t sting or bite. They’re just a seasonal nuisance.