Can’t get rid of your roaches? 

Have you spent a ton of time and money but still can’t get rid of them?  You need to talk to us.  We have the in-depth specialized knowledge and experience the typical exterminator does not have, and we give a free inspection, and an unheard of 2 months free callbacks guarantee!



If you have arrived at this page for reasons other than just curiosity, then odds are you’ve come to the unhappy realization that your problem with roaches is not a typical cockroach problem.  You may have what are named German Cockroaches.


What we can do for you

Because of our high success rate in getting rid of German Cockroaches we include a 2-month guarantee with this service. Our cockroach service is not typical of the industry and yet it is safer and much more effective.  We are proud to service Arizona’s East Valley, including Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, and more.

When you call us, please point out that you think you might have German Cockroaches. We can then set up an appointment for your free inspection. Once we determine that they are German Cockroaches we will explain our service in more detail and answer any further questions you may have.

Why this ordinary looking cockroach is in a class by itself

To explain the name of German Cockroach, the common name of the different species of cockroaches are frequently the name of a country, most likely being the point of origin. However, cockroaches are quite the international travellers and therefore you will find many of them right here in the U.S.

The adult German Cockroach is about half an inch long and has what appears to be two long eyes on the top of its head. The characteristic that distinguishes this cockroach is that it quickly builds resistance to pesticides and therefore becomes very difficult to treat successfully. This resistance is arrived at by the few surviving and resistant cockroaches procreating successfully, quickly and in great numbers. It is in this area of procreation that the German Cockroach excels in comparison to other ‘normal’ cockroaches. Unlike other cockroaches, its egg case, the ootheca, contains a larger number of eggs. The female carries the egg case right up until it starts to hatch rather than dropping it off indiscriminately anywhere where temperature and other environmental factors frequently destroys it. Human habitation is ideally suited for this particular cockroach and, finally, it has a unique way of creating meeting locations where surviving, pesticide-resistant, cockroaches can quickly find a mate and procreate.

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