Pest control service for cockroaches in the East Valley, PhoenixSince I’ve been in this business for over 19 years, experience has familiarized me to expect an increase in calls in May when temperatures approach 100 degrees. Many of these calls are because people are seeing cockroaches. Most of them are from potential new customers and, dare I say it, from existing customers. What’s happening here?

These cockroaches are usually the American cockroach. Long story short, cockroaches are often named after a country. It’s not clear why but probably because many decades ago it was considered, not scientifically, the country of origin.

Here in the East Valley in Arizona when temperatures climb up, small sources of water dry up and the cockroaches that relied on them, die. Not so with the American cockroach. He’s big and flies readily and relatively far. When he’s thirsty that’s what he does and does a good job getting around. And lucky us, we get the phone call.

I’ll ask the caller if they are already using a pest service and are otherwise satisfied with it. If so, I explain the above and how their problem is temporary. Often they will be relieved and stay with their ‘bug guy’. I explain the residual pesticide their licensed, professional service technician is using will do its work and in just a few days these traveling cockroaches will be exterminated.

On the other hand, as is commonly the case (after all, that’s why they’re calling us instead of talking to their ‘bug guy’), this caller is generally not satisfied with their bug service, I explain the above and make the appointment.