For awhile there it looked like bedbugs were gone for good but now they’re back with a vengeance. So here’s some good news to soften the worry.

The problem is becoming more manageable and affordable. Unless you have a severe, long-term infestation, you probably won’t have to buy new furniture or even a new mattress. No need to panic or die from embarrassment anymore. Or take out a second mortgage. Remember years ago the big scare of the ‘killer bees’ that were going to annihilate humanity? Well, we’re still here.

It’s an expensive service because it is more difficult to do. However, it’s rewarding enough that more pest control companies are offering this service. This, of course, is driving the price down. More companies, means less waiting and a cheaper price for the service. Good old American capitalism at work.

Historically, bedbugs have not been found to be a vector to transmit disease. Of course this is very good news because too often we hear about mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects sucking up a disease from a sick person or animal and giving it to someone else, spreading disease and misery far and wide. How the bedbug isn’t a vector is very interesting to some scientists who are trying to understand this and apply it to help humanity. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade, no?

We now have better and safer pesticides, growth regulators, heat machines, special vacuum cleaners, detection products, traps and more. And we have the knowledge and experience to use them.

Don’t panic and be so embarrassed that you can’t think straight and grab the first big name pest control company that you see advertised and can schedule you yesterday. Take a deep breath and take a little time to do your due diligence and get at least three estimates or quotes. A good place to start is asking your good friends and family, one of whom almost surely can recommend a good bedbug control guy.