Hi, I’m Norm, the president of this family-run, 12 year old company. I’ve been in pest control serving the East Valley for almost 25 years.

I believe we’ve been successful because of being service oriented, and providing a personal touch that can come with remaining small and family run. We appreciate that much of our business comes from referrals and understand the importance of working hard to keep this referral network of customers satisfied with our performance.

We offer a Residential Maintenance Service either with or without an agreement and we also offer specialized services such as bee removal, nighttime blacklight scorpion service, German cockroach service and more.

Over 20 years ago when the Africanized ‘killer’ bees first hit the Phoenix area, I had the good fortune to get trained by Dr. Steve Thoenes, original president of Bee Master, Inc. Dr. Steve was one of the original entomologists that tracked the Africanized bees through South and Central America as these bees traveled their way gradually to the U.S.

He developed the successful bee swarm trap system and its pheromone lure  which I helped him introduce to the Phoenix area. Our services were contracted by the city of Scottsdale for their first 3 years of having a bee control program when they were getting hit hard by the initial invasion of these Afircanized ‘killer’ bees. We also maintained a successful experimental swarm trap system at Papago park for the City of Tempe for several years. There was a lot of the-sky-is-falling-type fear of the ‘killer’ bees in those early days. Fortunately we’ve gotten past that.

Regardless of your pest control needs, we look forward to hearing from you and being of help.